Launching December 28th, 2021

DAO-operated Asset Management Organization

A New Frontier for Asset Management
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Goodbye 2 and 20, Hello DAMO.

For years asset managers have been getting away with charging unprecedented fees for only a benchmark performance. DAMO opens doors to a new frontier for asset management.

Cheaper Fee Structures

TradFi has been known to charge clients with various fees such as low balance fees, wire transactions fees and more. Decentralized integrations eliminate this gratuitous leakage.

Increased Transparency

Transparency is a point of emphasis. Asset managers have not been transparent for decades, often leaving investors in the dark. The goal is to provide a level playing field for all investors.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Decentralized Investment Vehicles are designed to provide the end user with exposure to top assets in their respective space. DIVs will provide better risk-adjusted returns than any single asset.

Governance Token

Introducing $DAMO

DAMO token holders can participate in risk optimized governance over the DAMO protocol.

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Hunter MacDonald


Gary Rettig


Daniel Hepworth

Solidity Developer

Quentin Behem

Marketing Lead

Dilshan Senesh

Content Designer

Steven Schulte



Yun Chen

Lead Portfolio manager in multi-billion fund platform with proven track records.

Cooper Brown

Software Engineer

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Coming Soon


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